Online Hearing Test 

Sometimes taking the first step to understand if there’s been a change in how well you’re hearing can feel daunting. To help make those first steps a little bit easier, we put together a quick 3 minute online hearing test.

The test will first ask you how well you’re hearing at low, mid and high level frequencies. It’s simple, easy and the results are instant. Why not get a cuppa and try it now to find out how well you are hearing Click Here.

Hearing Aid Maintenance : Always remember that your hearing aids are water resistant but not water proof so if you get caught out in the autumn downpour we recommend using the Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid Kit – it removes harmful moisture from your hearing aids or ear molds. The drying canister can also be rejuvenated by heating in an oven.

Buy yours here for £16.00 + Free UK Delivery: Buy yours here.

Defence Discount: If you are or were a member of the British armed forces, and are subscribed to the Defence Discount Service you and your family members can enjoy 20% off the standard price of our hearing aids! Hear every word this autumn with our hearing aids, made even more affordable with our bloomPayPlans with hearing aids starting from £17.50* a month! Find out more information here: Find out more information here.

Maintenance: If you wear hearing aids, autumn means protecting them against cold temperatures and increased exposure to moisture. A good hearing aid maintenance tip is to avoid storing your hearing aids in the glove box or on the dashboard of your car. Extreme temperature changes in your car (cold when off outside and heated when on and running heat inside) can create condensation and adversely affect performance. Find more maintenance tips here.

Hearing Test Booking: Book your free hearing test to find out how well you’re hearing this autumn. To book your appointment call us on: 0117 422 8292